Against the Terror of Neoliberalism (2008; reissued 2016) by Henry A. Giroux

Looks like a good summer read. Neoliberalism creates fear and demonizes any party or individual that seeks to develop a democracy or attempts to nurture a public sphere, or tries to protect public institutions. But Jeremy Corbyn knows that. And you know that.


Drowsed with the fume of poppies: opium and John Keats (July, 1968) by W.B. Ober

“It’s intriguing to note that when a lock of Keats’s hair was subjected to a forensic analysis, in the 1980s, it apparently showed traces of a ‘massive’ intake of opium.” – Nicholas Roe

I never got round to reading my Andrew Motion biography of Keats, twenty years ago. I think I’ll give it to a charity shop and get the Nicholas Roe book from 2012 instead. Just wondering if the Ober article is one of Roe’s sources. At least this Keats biog. devotes 40% to the boy and young man up to the age of 21, unlike many older biogs.