MEAL DEAL Evidence Series No. 15 (2018) by Dan Pounds

MEAL DEAL front and back. I hope you all like it.


Cafe Louvre, Prague (8th February 2018)

We loved Cafe Louvre and went there twice. I can highly recommend the richly alcoholic + delicious hot chocolate with cream and rum and the excellent apfelstrudel. We had a nice view out of the window watching the traffic on Narodni, as well as gazing across at the KFC opposite. Still trying to imagine Kafka playing billiards there…

Kafka Museum, Prague (8th February 2018)

We first went to the Kafka Museum on Wednesday 7th February but took so long to find it we had only one hour left to look round. But we were told to come back the next day with our ticket and see the rest. One of the darkest, most interesting museums I’ve been to. Whilst in Prague I read some of the short texts and stories, including Aeroplanes at Brescia, for the first time.


When Louis met Kafka: Did you know that Kafka reviewed an airshow? Exclusive translation here.

Surrealists at Cafe Montmartre, Prague

On Thursday evening (8th February 2018) we went for a drink at Cafe Montmartre, hidden away in the Old Town. We had read how Kafka and friends had been regulars. The Bar-staff explained that the large table opposite the bar was reserved for a group arriving at 6pm so we sat at a small table next to it. We watched the crowd arrive. Firstly, two young men sat down. Then some middle-aged men and a couple of older men in their mid-sixties, and one young woman. We noticed a lot of attention when a small, elderly, white-haired man arrived and as lots of moving around took place to accommodate him we told the group that the chairs at out table were free to take. We noticed newly published poetry books getting unwrapped and passed around the group. A Book Group perhaps? No – perhaps a Poetry Group and some of them had just been published?
When we returned to our hotel on Štěpánská in the New Town we discovered (via Google) we had witnessed the Thursday Surrealist Group meeting. The elderly gentleman was Jan Švankmajer, the famous film-maker. And the Czech poet František Dryje seemed to be at the centre of the group.

(All photos above available online – the group photo is of a Surrealist meeting from 15th January 2015, but very similar to the one we witnessed.)