Foundation Coffee House, Manchester (22 August 2018)


Who wants a flat white anymore when you can have a Beetroot Latte? Another giant cafe in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Recommended.


Northern Quarter, Manchester (22 August 2018)

The giant Chapter One Bookshop Cafe is the best cafe in England, surely? Especially the red Chesterfields at the back. Why doesn’t every cafe have its own water fountain?

We also enjoyed trying out various coffees at Foundation, and food at Fig & Sparrow. The drinking began at Night & Day…

Drowsed with the fume of poppies: opium and John Keats (July, 1968) by W.B. Ober

“It’s intriguing to note that when a lock of Keats’s hair was subjected to a forensic analysis, in the 1980s, it apparently showed traces of a ‘massive’ intake of opium.” – Nicholas Roe

I never got round to reading my Andrew Motion biography of Keats, twenty years ago. I think I’ll give it to a charity shop and get the Nicholas Roe book from 2012 instead. Just wondering if the Ober article is one of Roe’s sources. At least this Keats biog. devotes 40% to the boy and young man up to the age of 21, unlike many older biogs.