My practice involves 2D and 3D visual responses produced largely by the cognitive dissonance of living in an era of environmental destruction caused by anthropogenic global warming. Anthropogenic global warming created by ever deregulated capitalism. My works engage with an era of comatose consumerism.

Play is an important element of my practice. Play and humour are utilized to explore the increasingly narcissistic culture I observe around me as well as current art world conventions. Densely coded conceptual art is almost a norm. In some ways the blunt literalism of much of my practice is a reaction to this.

This statement can be interpreted on 2.5 levels (if you ignore the substratum of excised rage).

Daniel Pounds (March 2015).

One thought on “Statement

  1. Hey Daniel: Anna Green here. Sorry not to have replied to your emails earlier. It was crazy up to Koons/Mus at Night. But we dunnit: broke all known visitor and yp number records, so a nice one to go out on. Only two more to go 27.6 and 4.7 then I too am shot of NCC and hurtling into grannyhood, alcoholism, and oh – I might weed the garden. I had to print out your parting email to staff it made me laugh so much. Keep in touch. Did you say Saturdays at the King’s Head? Ax


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