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The Porter’s Perspective (Macbeth by RSC, Barbican, Saturday 29th December 2018)

On Saturday 29th December 2018 I saw the matinee performance of Macbeth by the RSC at the Barbican. It certainly captured the anxiety of the play but sometimes it was audience anxiety…watching and hoping the play would have more dramatic tension…that it wouldn’t look so much like a rehearsal…and that everyone would remember their lines. In the end the Porter stole the show. It finishes at The Barbican tomorrow – 18th January 2019. (Production images are available online and not from the show on 29th Dec.)

“One idea that does work well is the ubiquity of the Porter. Not since Thomas De Quincey wrote a famous essay, On the Knocking at the Gate in Macbeth (1823), has the character seemed so pivotal. As played by Michael Hodgson, who is on stage throughout, he fulfils multiple roles: a creepy caretaker who hoovers the carpet on which the bulk of the action takes place; a sinister third murderer; an observer who chalks up Macbeth’s escalating murders; and a symbol of fate who, in the final scene, points Macduff in Macbeth’s direction. In Findlay’s interpretation, the play is seen from the Porter’s perspective.”

Paul Taylor, The Independent

The Porter is played by Michael Hodgson. https://www.rsc.org.uk/macbeth/cast-and-creatives